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Better planning for critical events, fast response to incidents

With real-time monitoring, risk modeling, and precise alerting during critical events, Kepler has your back.

Better planning

More efficient daily operations

Kepler 51 improves day-to-day management of your plants, rigs, and sites. Reduce manual tasks, automate your systems, and communicate to the community and your employees with ease.

Unify your monitoring and alerting tools

Kepler51 gives you one easy-to-use platform that pulls together everything from pipeline management to service usage monitoring; from hazard planning to critical event management.

Secure your workers

We help with any possible threat to your workers’ well being, from on-the-job hazards like installing hazardous equipment, to health monitoring, to protection from harsh weather events and crime.

Protect your public image

With Kepler’s monitoring and alerting tools available to all your teams, from HR to PR to safety professionals, you’ll be able to keep the public safe and better informed.

Advance your alerting

Automate alerts based on Kepler’s rich source data, or connect to your APIs to send ad hoc and planned alerts based on your unique data and events. Kepler’s mobile app helps communicate to your field staff and back.

Fast-forward your digital transformation

Our advanced risk modeling and reporting can be incorporated into daily workflows to help management get ahead of hazardous situations, and manage daily operations more efficiently

Others already have it

Kepler51 is the CEM platform for everyone who values safety

We use @kepler51 on a daily basis for several internal processes, and I cannot rave enough about them. Incredible flexibility and features combined with super intuitive UI

Let's be honest, most CRMs suck. Overcomplicated, expensive, and you have to bend to their will...not the other way around.
I am a huge fan of @kepler51 - their product is rock-solid, customer...

I've been using @kepler51 to track applicants, manage my deal pipeline and manage the associated notes/tasks. The use-cases are unlimited; it truly feels like the Notion of CRM.

A fully integrated critical event
management platform

Go beyond weather data

Any type of situational or environmental data can be effortlessly fed into Kepler51.

Mobile experience

Thanks to our app, our platform is accessible any time and anywhere.

Prevent future accidents

We analyze data to make future predictions, create workflows, and send alerts.

Working together for the greater good

As a public benefit corporation, our heartbeat is people’s safety. At Kepler51, we
work with you to create a safer world for your employees and the public.